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Your Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs, Tile & Grout As Clean As New!

The focus of VMI Cleaning Services is the cleaning and maintaining both residential home dwellings as well as commercial/professional office environments. We use biodegradable, environmentally friendly surfactants, cleaners, and scotch guard for longer-lasting stain resistance. Our carefully picked, industrial-grade detergents and cleaners are proven and used to remove tough stains and soiling. Consideration for special needs and pandemic safety precautions sets our company apart from the others. 

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Our Core Values

Timely Service

We believe in providing the professional cleaning service swiftly and right on time. The average time for each job, depending on size, is 2 hours, including set-up time, furniture moving, and cleanup.


What makes VMI Cleaning stand out among other carpet cleaning companies is the affordability. VMI’s prices are not only competitive, and often below that of the competitors.

Special Offer

VMI offers discounts on availed services to seniors, veterans, and the disabled community.

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