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Looking After The Most Important, Hidden Corner Of Your House – Dryer Vent

Dryer-vents are often the most neglected part of house maintenance. People assume that after cleaning the lint filter, there’s no need to clean the dryer vent. However, dryer-vents can excessively build up and cause severe damage.

Over 15,500 dryer-vent fires each year, and many could have been easily saved if kept clean and maintained. Our skilled and experienced technicians provide deep dryer vent cleaning to fight lint accumulation and dangerous clogs. If left unattended, the dryer-vent problems can become a serious fire hazard, so it is worth fixing it ASAP. Also, if it's been a long time since you had your vents cleaned, there's a chance of increased electricity bill costs. Rather than replacing the machine, reach out to the expert dryer vent cleaning company such as VMI Cleaning Services to get them cleaned. Over time, lint and debris gather in dryer vents and cause clogs that can lead to a lot of dryer vent problems, including low efficiency. VMI Cleaning Services' dryer-vent cleaners can remove the debris buildup of your dryer-vent. Once repaired, you'll see your dryer-vent running far better than before.






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