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Just like carpets, the rugs at your home are also very much exposed to messy footprints, shoes, dust, stains, and not to forget, your pet’s pee accidents and food spills! Area rugs provide an aesthetic style and warmth and comfort to your living spaces.

Many people avoid cleaning their area rugs, the reason could be either they spent a fair amount buying those rugs, or the rug was passed onto them by their grandma and have some heritage attached to them! Rugs tend to absorb the dirt and bacteria, which you can't see with your naked eye. They harbor unpleasant odor in the surroundings, to which people living in the house are nose blind, but the guests coming into the home are not. As a result, dirty rugs end up hurting the appeal of your interior and your house's aura because of the stinky smell.






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Area Rug Cleaning

Victor is the man! He is kind, affordable, honest and did an amazing job on our couches and rug. He is also prompt and works hard. Others who got back to me while he was already doing the work were way over his price. I highly recommend his customer service, work and kindness. Thank you Victor
Abbie A
Yelp Review

Carpet Cleaning

V came early and got the stains out quickly on my carpet! He did an excellent job! Highly recommmend!
Stephanie T
Yelp Review

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