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The global leaders in carpet cleaning since 1989

At VMI Cleaning Services, we strive to please our customers with the quality of cleaning services that we offer. Having professional experience of 30 years in the cleaning and housekeeping business, we offer carpet and tile cleaning, upkeeping, and upholstery cleaning services. Operating in El Cajon and the surrounding San Diego area, we are dedicated to removing those tough, unwanted stains from your floors and upholstery – and leave your homes smelling fresh and clean.

We are the global leaders in carpet cleaning for many years and are well known for our timely, friendly, thorough, courteous, and affordable services.

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    VMI is trusted by more than 8,700 clients.

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    We Care For You and the Environment Too.

    At VMI Cleaning, we use biodegradable, environmentally-friendly surfactants, cleaners, and scotch guards for longer-lasting stain resistance. Our carefully picked, industrial-grade detergents and cleaners are proven and used to remove tough stains and soiling.

    All of our services are COVID-19 compliant. We use disinfectants with antibacterial agents for your safety. From professional carpet cleaning to upholstery, tile & grout (kitchen, bath, patio), natural stone, hardwood, and laminate floors (strip & wax), stairs, dryer vent cleaning, area rugs, post-holiday/party cleanups, we clean it all!


    Why Choose Us

    We focus on cleaning and maintaining residential home dwellings and commercial spaces, like offices, buildings, and institutions. At VMI, we prefer clear-cut communication and set realistic expectations before, during, and after work. There are many qualified carpet cleaning services in San Diego. Still, only VMI caters you with understanding and utmost concern for your cleaning needs, your home environment, your time constraints, and your budget.

    Consideration for special needs and pandemic safety precautions sets our company apart from the others.

    Qualified Experts

    We ensure that each of our qualified and professional cleaning experts is fully trained to provide you with quick, satisfying, and cost-effective service.

    On-Time Service

    We believe in providing the professional cleaning service swiftly and right on time. The average time for each job, depending on size, is 2 hours, including set-up time, furniture moving, and cleanup.


    What makes VMI Cleaning stand out among other carpet cleaning companies is the affordability. VMI’s prices are not only competitive, and often below that of the competitors.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Our customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. If our customer is not happy with our service, they have the right to a money-back guarantee.